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solar energy installations satisfaction garanteedIn any field of business, there are companies that deliver bear minimum customer service and those that deliver the full-scale, “personal touch” element. KPS Solar is proud to consider itself a an approachable contractor who is always available when you need us.


At KPS Solar, our motive is to make solar energy more efficient and affordable for all. We promise to work with you in designing a campaign that suits the needs of your property, budget, and lifestyle.


In The Beginning

2010 marked the 12th year anniversary of KPS Contracting, Inc.’s success as a business. Incorporated in 1998 by the State of New York, KPS Contracting served the electrical industry’s needs in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial fields. As with most Solar Contractors, KPS Solar was born when President, Kevin Mac Leod, installed his first Solar Electric System in his backyard in May of 2004. Recognizing the significant financial savings and environmental contributions that Solar Energy could provide, by reducing Greenhouse gases and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, KPS Solar was formed in 2004.



With over 100 installations, one would wonder why there aren’t more. Part of the reason is because we spend a good part of the year lobbying for the betterment of the Solar Industry. We use the central theme of providing better utility Rebates because local incentives and Federal Tax Credits mean lower prices for our customers and improved business for us.


The solar industry today enjoys higher State Tax credits and No Sales Taxes as a direct result of the hard work of President Kevin Mac Leod. In late 2004, Mr. MacLeod asked the Suffolk County Legislature to petition the State of NY to eliminate all State and County Sales Taxes on Solar Energy Producing Equipment. With the support of Leg. Angie Carpenter, State Sen. Owen Johnson, and State Assemblyman Tom Dinapoli, a bill was drafted, passed by both houses, and eventually signed into law by Governor Pataki in August 2005. That means we provided more than $5,250 in savings to the average homeowner.



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With elections of the Governor and both houses in Albany, 2010 was a very active, year legislatively for solar. Rest assured, we fought hard in Washington and Albany to ensure that the Solar Energy Industry got its fair share of support, just as the big oil companies have enjoyed for years. It doesn’t stop there, KPS Solar donates more time to not-for-profit organizations than any other company. We have donated countless hours to Habitat for Humanity and Family Residences (FREE), to promote the usage of Solar Energy. In 2008, KPS Solar President Kevin Mac Leod was elected Chairman of Long Island Solar Energy Industries Association (LISEIA), a task force to NYSEIA which represents almost 80% of the Solar Contractors here on LI.


liseiaIn late 2009, Mr. MacLeod stepped down as chairman of LISEIA to serve as Vice President of the state organization NYSEIA and Senior Legislative Policy Director for both LISEIA and NYSEIA. He is also a member and former Vice President of the Suffolk County Electrical Contractors Association (SCECA), which represents over 400 Electrical Contractors and also advises several Islip Town and Brookhaven Officials on Solar Energy Projects. In January 2009, he received his third award from LIPA for his legislative efforts from the LIPA Trade Ally Program.




The saying goes that Solar Energy is the energy for tomorrow; but in reality, Solar Energy is the energy for today. Oil companies would like us to believe that Solar Energy will never solve our energy needs and we ask why? Because it will cost them billions of dollars in profits. Believe it or not, a 110 square mile Solar Array in the desert of Arizona will provide enough power for the entire country; but lets get real, having a power source in one central location is just not practical for power transmission, never-less security.


So the most logical solution is to use as many roof tops and open areas as possible, generating our power throughout the country. Making Solar more cost effective, by increasing temporary Tax Credits and Rebates, will in turn increase demand, create more competition, and further research and development. The laws of supply and demand will make product pricing affordable and more popular, similar to what flat screen televisions are going through now.


engineer using laptop at solar panels plant fieldIn addition, the increase in tax credits and rebates make solar energy more cost efficient, increase demand, and enable more competition, extensive analysis and expansion.


Tomorrow holds a bright future for Solar energy with the reality that every household and business will produce their own electric. Our dependence on foreign oil, that is strangling our economy today, will be no more. Our children will be able to breathe the fresh air of a cleaner environment, with no pollution to cause greenhouse gases and global warming.

Lets embrace this new technology with open arms. Our future depends on it.

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